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For US patents, there are two main sources of patent status data: PAIR (Public Patent Application Information Retrieval), USPTO's online platform where applicants can check the progress of pending patent applications Every Patent application In US is provided with code tags which can be helpful to get quick information (not being final info) These can be following A1 - Published Patent Application (also to granted patented before year 2001) B1 - Patent B2 - Patent for which a earlier application publication was made We provide access to the largest single source of technical information in the world: our databases containing millions of patent documents. This allows you to see what already exists, find out about technical aspects of your competitors' work or spot trends in technology. Technical information When a patent is in force, the owner has a monopoly on who can make and sell the underlying invention (or at least what's covered in the claims). So determining whether or not a patent is in force can often be a million dollar question. Patents can be expired for several reasons: age of the patent, failure to pay maintenance fees, or invalidation. The problem is that the Patent Office doesn. Use Assignments on the Web (AOTW) to search the database of all recorded Trademark Assignment information from 1955 to the present (Trademark Assignments recorded prior to 1955 are maintained at the National Archives and Records Administration). Assignment records can also be searched in the Public Search Facility

Search and read the full text of patents from around the world with Google Patents, and find prior art in our index of non-patent literature Patent Search (Search for Patents) Learn about Patent Classification Filing Online Checking application status Responding to Office actions Patent Trial and Appeal Board Petitions Maintaining a Patent Patents from 1790 through 1975 are searchable only by Issue Date, Patent Number, and Current Classification (US, IPC, or CPC). When searching for specific numbers in the Patent Number field, utility patent numbers are entered as one to eight numbers in length, excluding commas (which are optional, as are leading zeroes) You can access Public PAIR here:http://portal.uspto.gov/external/portalFor more information, check out my blog post:http://www.simplepatents.com/patent-searc.. Justia Patents US Patent for Status check method for a data transmission system Patent (Patent # 4,390,984) Status check method for a data transmission system . Sep 9, 1981 - Hitachi, Ltd..

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  1. For patent grant searches resulting in a single hit: Starting on March 17, 2013, external Internet users will be able to view and search applicant data (name, city, state, country, and authority type), and also view and search documents by foreign/domestic priority date (PCT Filing Date, PCT 371c 124 Date, Related Application Filing Date, Prior Published Document Date, and Reissued Patent.
  2. View patent status ; View up to date information on patents; Access some documents from published patent applications; See which classifications and fields of search have been used; Send us observations about the patentability of a published patent application, before any patent is granted Guidance on Section 21 Observation
  3. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) allows people to conduct searches of patents for those who are interested in learning the origins of an invention. People also search patents records to make sure that their idea or invention has not already been patented
  4. ent and direct sources of legal status information are national patent registers or national patent gazettes or bulletins. In order to investigate the availability of such data for the above study, WIPO has issued Questionnaire C.N 3159 to its member Offices: Circular letter and questionnaire
  5. Find details of patents to: check if a similar patent to your invention already exists; track the progress of a published patent application; see if patents are available to license; Getting hel
  6. United States Patent and Trademark Offic
  7. Please Enter Patent Number Select Logical Operator AND OR NOT Select Search Field Title Abstract Complete Specification Application Number Publication Number Patent Number Applicant Name Applicant Country Applicant Address Inventor Name Inventor Country Inventor Address Filing office International Patent Classification (IPC) PCT Application Number PCT Publication Numbe

Utility patents must have numbers entered as seven or eight characters in length, excluding commas, which are optional. Examples: 10,000,000 -- 100000000 -- 6923014 -- 6,923,014 -- 0000001: Note: Utility Patent 10,000,000 will issue in 2018: The below patent types must have numbers entered as seven characters in length, excluding commas, which are optional. Examples: Design -- D339,456 D321987. Small entity status in a patent application or patent can be established at any time by a simple written assertion of entitlement to small entity status. Specific forms are no longer required. The written assertion can be made by a US attorney or agent on your behalf. Once small entity status has been established for a patent application or patent, reduced fees may be paid whether or not there. MyUSPTO. MyUSPTO is a single place for you to actively manage your intellectual property portfolio. Track patent applications and grants, check trademark registrations and statuses, and access our services in your personalized USPTO gateway Checking the status of your patent applications online on a regular basis is a good practice. By doing this the applicants can check and monitor the status of their patent applications regularly and notify the patent office or their patent agents in case any discrepancies are observed

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Patents from 1790 through 1975 are searchable only by Issue Date, Patent Number, and Current US Classification. When searching for specific numbers in the Patent Number field, utility patent numbers are entered as one to eight numbers in length, excluding commas (which are optional, as are leading zeroes)

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  7. How to Check the Status of Patent Applications and Patents
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